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Terms and Conditions – Business
Version 2019: valid from January 1st, 2019.

These terms and conditions apply to all agreements entered into between Kosmos Technology A/S and businesses.


Kosmos Technology A / S, Stenholm 16, 9400 Nørresundby
VAT Number: DK32942865
E-mail: sales@kosmostec.com
Phone number: +45 7734 3181
Opening hours: Monday to Thursday 8:00 – 16:30 and Friday 8:00 – 16:00

You can only buy items from Kosmos Technology by contacting us directly by phone or e-mail. When ordering, you always have access to read and accept these terms. You are encouraged to read the terms and conditions and delivery thoroughly and to familiarize yourself with the obligations and rights that the terms imply.

1) Required Information:
When placing an order, you must provide the following information to Kosmos Technology:
Company name, Company address, VAT number, Phone number, Contact name, Delivery- and billing address and the e-mail address (used only to send the invoice online). The information is only used in relation to orders submitted to Kosmos Technology A/S. If interested, please read our GDPR policy here.

2) Agreement:
These terms and conditions confirm the agreement between you and Kosmos Technology A/S for goods described in the order. All orders must be accepted by Kosmos Technology A/S to be binding. You must accept these terms and conditions before you can complete your order when buying from Kosmos Technology.

3) Price and Payment:
Price for any item required can be informed by contacting Kosmos Technology by phone or e-mail. Upon final acceptance of an order, you can see the total price including VAT, taxes and any shipping costs on order confimation. Invoice and must be paid in accordance with the payment terms stated on the invoice. If payment conditions are not disclosed before purchase, payment will be due upon delivery. Payment must be completed without charge, counterclaim or retention of any kind. All payments must be made in the same currency as stated on the order/invoice.

4) Delivery:
Delivery is made to addresses worldwide. After placing order, you will receive an order confirmtion stating time of delivery. When order is shipped you will receive an e-mail with the package’s tracking number. You will always receive shipping costs for each order listed before you place your order. If delivery is delayed, Kosmos Technology A / S will inform you as soon as possible.
All goods are properly packed to ensure that all products are protected during transport. Kosmos Technology reserves the right to recycle packaging as long as it does not affect the product’s functionality or appearance.

Kosmos Technology reserves the right to part deliver, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. You must inform Kosmos Technology of incorrect, missing, mistaken and/or defective items immediately after receipt and no later than 7 days after receipt. After the expiration of the 7-day deadline, Kosmos Technology cannot be held liable for claims related to incorrect delivery.

5) Risk:
The risk of the goods is according to EXW, unless otherwise noted in the invoice.

6a) Cancellation Policy – Stock items:
This rule includes goods physically in stock at Kosmos Technology or as part of the company’s portfolio. Orders for these goods can as a rule be cancelled before shipped from the company’s warehouse. Orders that have been shipped and / or have left our warehouse cannot be cancelled, unless agreed specifically with Kosmos Technology.

6b) Cancellation Policy – Items Purchased to Order:
This rule includes items specially purchased for a specific order. Orders of items specially purchased for the specific order cannot be cancelled after purchase, unless specifically agreed upon with Kosmos Technology.

7) Return procedure:
If you wish to return goods to Kosmos Technology, you must notify Kosmos Technology in writing and ensure that Kosmos Technology has received the request for return and a reason for the return. Return of goods must be accepted by Kosmos Technology in accordance with item 6a and 6b. The RMA form is available here. Goods will only be accepted by Kosmos Technology if returned in the condition in which they were delivered and properly wrapped. New items that are sealed are only accepted by Kosmos Technology if the seal is not broken.

8) Notification of defects:
You are required to check the products immediately upon receipt. If there are defects that can be registered upon receipt, you are required to notify immediately and within 7 days of receipt – to sales@kosmostec.com. In case of defects that can only be registered later and / or when the goods are taken into service, the notice must be made in writing as soon as possible or at the latest within the warranty period.
After this period, you can only report errors, which could not be determined by such a first-hand survey. Notice of deficiencies must be made in writing without undue delay after the deficiencies have been identified. By transferring the risk of the products to you, Kosmos Technology has no responsibility for any defects. For this reason, the customer is not entitled to cancel the order, claim compensation or maintain any other claim for defects. Kosmos Technology disclaims liability for any indirect loss due to consequential damages, loss of time, loss of profits or the like which the defects may have caused you.

9) Force Majeure:
If an extraordinary situation occurs beyond the control of Kosmos Technology A/S and which, according to the Purchasing Act, may be regarded as force majeure, the obligations of Kosmos Technology A / S will be suspended during the time the extraordinary situation lasts. In such an exceptional situation, you may terminate your order not yet fulfilled with Kosmos Technology A/S if the situation lasts or is expected to last longer than 60 days. In that case, your notice of termination is 14 days. Kosmos Technology A/S cannot be held liable for barriers beyond our control, such as production disturbances, lightning strikes, prolonged power cuts, strikes or other unforeseen events.

10) Law:
The order shall be deemed to have been concluded in Denmark and shall in any case be governed by Danish law and all conflicts, differences and questions that occur between you and Kosmos Technology at any time regarding the construction, validity and execution of the order or about matters arising from the order or in any connection thereto shall be settled by the Danish courts.

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