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Data Erasure


We can offer our customers the services of secure data erasure. This ensures that when you sell or destroy your IT-hardware all the data has been securely deleted and, thereby, it will not get into the hands of other people. Contact us if you need us to erase your data.
In these digital times where the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has come into force the protection of data has received a lot more focus. We experience this every day especially when we handle pre-owned and refurbished IT-hardware where our partners and customers have a greater focus on making sure that all data has been erased securely. Handling personal data is a delicate area with strict rules and can be very costly if handled incorrectly.
Let us help you to secure these matters.

Deleting your data safely – How and What Does it Mean?

Many companies face the problem of sufficiently deletion of data. That is very understandable because it takes more that just deleting the file from the computer or putting the files in the trash bin on your computer. By putting files in the trash bin and then deleting the files from there is the same as throwing the cover of a book away. The content of the book is still there and the same are the files on your computer. They can still be recovered even though you have deleted them from the trash bin on the computer so to make sure that the data has been erased securely you need the right software and it is a bit more complicated than just deleting files from your computer.
At Kosmos Technology we have the necessary software and licenses needed from White Canyon to complete your data erasure for you. It is the only EAL4+ Disk Wiping Software in the world. We can make sure that all your data is erased correctly and that you are following the new GDPR regulations as well as you are sure that all your trade secrets will not fall into the hands of other people.
If you want to make sure that the IT-hardware that you sell on or destroy is totally cleaned for data, contact us and we will make it happen for you – at Kosmos Technology you are in good hands.


If you have any questions regarding Data Erasure, please feel free to contact us at any time !

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