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Kosmos Technology takes great responsibility in e-waste (electronic waste) and the process and policies surrounding the processes of disposing of electronic waste.
We believe in taking care of the environment and therefore it is important to us that all e-waste will be disposed of in a safe and responsible manner or prepared for reuse.

We can help you dispose your e-waste in the best and most environmental way possible.

All you need to do is contact us – #you are in good hands.

E-waste partnership with Stena Technoworld

We have an e-waste partnership with Stena Technoworld A/S, who is specialized in disposing of e-waste and is ISO14001 and ISO18001 certified. We can ensure you, that the e-waste you hand over to us will all be disposed of correctly and in accordance to EU law and regulations. Our partnership with Stena Technoworld A/S will continually undergo close monitoring to secure a perfect process and handling of your e-waste.
Kosmos Technology A/S and Stena Technoworld A/S key points:

• Green collect
• Asset destruction
• Memory media destruction with Degausser – incl. certificate to confirm all data has been erased
• Waste Recycling
• On-site shredding

If you have questions regarding our partnership with Stena Technoworld A/S, feel free to contact us.


About e-waste management

In general, the European Union’s approach to waste management is based on the “waste hierarchy” which sets the following priority order when shaping waste policy and managing waste at the operational level: prevention, (preparing for) reuse, recycling, recovery and, as the least preferred option, disposal (which includes landfilling and incineration without energy recovery).

In line with this the 7th Environment Action Program sets the following priority objectives for waste policy in the EU:

• To reduce the amount of e-waste generated
• To maximize recycling and re-use
• To limit incineration to non-recyclable materials:
• To phase out landfilling to non-recyclable and non-recoverable waste
• To ensure full implementation of e-waste policy

Kosmos Technology A/S meets all EU standards within WEEE recycling standards working solely with Stena Technoworld A/S to ensure that all our e-waste is handled correctly.                                           

If you have any questions regarding E-waste, feel free to contact us any time!

Phone + 45 7734 31 81


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