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Kosmos Technology

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Let us get you the IT-hardware you need
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At Kosmos Technology we have more that 15 years of experience with buying and selling IT-hardware. We can help you get the IT-hardware you need. New or refurbished – we can get it for you. We trade with in following products groups:

  • Server and storage
  • Network
  • Spare parts and upgrades

We value good relations and we have a range of great partners we buy hardware from. For you as a customer that means that we can insure you that we always deliver high quality hardware. Furthermore, we can ship the products to you where ever you are situated – we ship world wide also in the more remote and complicated countries to ship to. So let us help you.

Read more about the different products groups we trade within in the menu or in the boxes below.

Server and storage

Want to know more about the server and storage hardware we can offer?

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We offer a range of different network equipment, want to know more?

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Spare parts and upgrades

We can help you with a wide range of spare parts and upgrades for your hardware.

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+45 7734 3181


“We have worked with Dennis Nielsen and Kosmos for over 15 years. Kosmos is a very dependable partner that has provided Mosaic with many products and services. We continue to expand the relationship with Kosmos and work with them as if they are an extension of our value added services. Their expertise in so many areas from supply chain management, product procurement and overseas business development have helped in forming a very strategic relationship. They are so easy to work with, and always very quick to respond which is crucial in this business. From a quality standpoint, their product always arrives in perfect condition and the effort they go through to pack it safely and accordingly is always apparent. I would not hesitate to recommend Kosmos to anyone looking for IT solutions.”

Tom Desmet, Mosaic Technology Corp