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Buy used MacBook

The super smart MacBook 12” is Apple’s thinnest computer to date and is the perfect laptop for those who need a computer on the move. The computer is compact, but Apple has managed to push a full experience as well as more power than ever in the thin design – though not as much power as the MacBook Pro sister model, yet enough to make you feel satisfied. The computer is perfect for using the most basic things in everyday life, such as browsing the web, reading mails, listening to music, watching movies or using the common word processing programs.

Fits this computer model to you and looking for a cheap Mac computer, you’ll find a selection of our refurbished and used Mac computers on this page. Our MacBooks are made up of both used and new parts. The quality is still in the top – we have only lowered the price at the bottom.

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If you choose a used Apple MacBook 12” as your next computer, you are guaranteed a stylish and very elegant design that suits any student, office worker or you who need a computer for the most basic needs at home. Apple is known to give its users an experience beyond the usual, and there is no doubt that the design of this computer reflects this approach to its customers. This Mac is in a class by itself, and this is also clarified by the price, so we have chosen to give you the opportunity to buy a used Mac for a cheaper price than if you were to buy it as brand new.

Our refurbished Macs are limited and our offerings vary depending on the models and sizes we have in stock. However, we always guarantee a quality that is top quality, and as a matter of course, it can measure with the corresponding MacBook models on the market – those sold from new ones.

See our exciting selection of our Apple MacBook refurbished here on the page, and see if we do not have a model to match you and your needs. Buy a cheap MacBook that is as good as a model you get from new – even if it’s used.

“New MacBook” to people on the move with few demands

MacBook 12″ was introduced to the public in March 2015 and went unofficially under the name “New MacBook”. This was because Apple had previously had a MacBook model on the market (2009-2010), and the new model should be a relaunch of the former model – only with a more flawless design and with the latest technologies

The new MacBook looks like Air model. However, this is even thinner and weighs even less. Prior to launch, Apple stated that this was the start of a vision they had for the future compared to laptops. The computer is designed with the idea that it must be a very thin computer – the thinner the better – and then you have to customize the individual parts of the computer to fit into the thin design, including, for example, battery. The design should be thin because it was in the sleek design that Apple saw the future of laptops.

The computer is available in a single size: 12″ but in four different colors: Space Gray, Silver, Gold and Rose Gold. The computer is delivered with a high resolution Retina display, also made with a special technology, reducing the glare on the screen, allowing you to use the computer in very bright light. This is also equipped with the new Force-Touch trackpad, which understands what you want, from small pressure differences you make with your fingers. The computer has 7th generation Intel Core processors and faster SSD storage with up to 3.6GHz Turbo Boost processor power.

A full-size experience – in a compact design

A MacBook is a sleek and simple computer, despite its small size, comes with full power to handle the most required needs. For example, you may be a student or have a job where you need to access e-mails, use safari and use word-processing programs. However, if you need to run some major complicated applications that require more space and performance – it’s better with a stronger MacBook Pro.

The simple and stylish MacBook is made in many different designs over the years, but the latest 12 inch model comes as an ultra-thin model that can fit into any bag. The model is only 13.1 mm and weighs 0.92 kg.

If you purchase a MacBook, you are secured a computer that is designed to be used everywhere and by all types of people – whether you are a student, have a job or are at home. The design fits perfectly into a world where everything is done wirelessly and wherever you need to take it anywhere – wherever you are. You can easily and quickly transfer files, go wireless online, listen to music or anything, whether you’re in the library, at a cafe, at the studio or just at home. All you need is a wireless network connection, and if this is not available, you always have the option to create a physical connection with a power cable.

Compared to specifications, MacBook 12” is just below the MacBook Pro in Apple’s product line. The price of this is higher than MacBook Air, but it also has a better screen, better storage and better memory.