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MacBook Pro is the MacBook computer that has the best performance and the highest capacity. You must therefore choose a Pro if you are looking for a computer that can run the slightly bigger programs for photo and video editing, graphics, encoding and gaming. On the other hand, if you do not need so much power and performance, if you only need to use your computer to access the network and mail, as well as use different writing programs, then MacBook or MacBook Air can do the job for you.

Our range of used Apple MacBook Pro is available in limited numbers. It is available in three different sizes: 13”, 15” and 17”, we might not have all models available all the time. It depends on the demand and what is available in the market. Take a look at this page and see if we do not have a model that suits you and your needs.

We guarantee that all our computers are checked in the seams, so it’s in top condition when you receive it. That way, you’re sure that the used MacBook Pro, as you receive, will deliver to the best performance.

Four generations of Macbook Pro

MacBook Pro was first launched back in 2006. It was introduced into the MacBook family as being a larger and more advanced model of Mac computers that had more performance and power than existing models on the market – the Apple PowerBook series. Apple’s PowerBook G4 could no longer respond in time, and Apple also had a desire to have their notebooks under the Mac name, why they introduced the MacBook series.

The first MacBook Pro that was introduced in January 2006 was a model with a 15 inch screen. Later in the year, in April, Apple launched a similar model only with a 17 inch screen. The first generation of MacBook Pro was made of metallic polycarbonate, unlike the subsequent MacBook Pro models and MacBook Air, all made of aluminum.

Generation 2, 3 and 4, on the other hand, are all made of aluminum and look like their sister MacBook Air – just in a slightly thicker version. The latest MacBook Pro on the market is slim – though not as airy – but if you fall over a MacBook Pro model before 2016, it will be in a slightly thicker version.

The ultimate laptop for the professional user

When MacBook Pro was launched for the first time, it addressed the professional user who needed a computer for their work. It certainly has not changed and today, the latest versions of the Pro Series are equipped with processors with up to 32GB of memory as well as a speed of up to 4.8GHz. The crystal clear Retina display shows colors more clearly than ever before, and Apple’s newly designed Touch Bar is a tool in the computer that changes depending on what application you’re in, so you always have the most relevant tools at hand.

The new MacBook Pro on the market is a delight for the eye and the user experience is determined in the top. The great power of the computer is essential for the professional user who needs the computer as a work tool, which requires high capacity and performance. You will experience a laptop that has reached quite high levels of what a computer of such a size can handle.

Larger forces for a bigger job

The MacBook Pro has a higher performance and capacity than its other siblings in the MacBook family, making it capable of coping with more demanding applications. Therefore, MacBook Pro is for you who need a laptop for heavy duty tasks, massive coding, or many hours of gaming.

When you daily have very heavy tasks on your computer, it also requires a laptop with greater power, more capacity and more comprehensive performance. Pro has more optimized performance than Apple’s other laptops and can therefore handle the more demanding applications used for graphic design, video and photo editing, coding and gaming.

MacBook Pro has both high performance processors and memory, advanced graphics and fast-moving storage, allowing you to run all your ideas. You can, among other things, work with very large files and run multiple heavy applications at the same time without noticeable performance. That’s what makes the MacBook Pro indispensable for you who use your computer as your work tool in your work as a graphic designer, programmer, software engineer or the like.