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MacBook Air has a slim and elegant design that is easily recognizable everywhere. Despite its size and ease, it still has a lot of power. It holds battery up to 12 hours between charging, giving you great freedom to use it anywhere, without having to think about an electrical outlet. The size and weight of the computer also makes it possible to use it wherever you are – even without necessarily having to sit at a desk. Place the computer on the thighs of the bus or hold it in one arm standing if you should promptly show your friend or colleague something.

Our used Apple MacBook Air is limited, and our offerings vary according to the amount of stock we currently have. However, we always guarantee that all of our refurbished MacBook Air computers have gone through the seams and renovated as much as we can. That way, you are sure that when you buy a used computer with us, you will also be delivered a model that is in the top. All computers are completely new and ready for use.

See our selection of used Mac computers on this page and see if we do not have a model that fits exactly to you and your needs. Our MacBook Air models are available as both 11.6” and 13.3” so you can choose the exact size you need.

MacBook Air – the ultimate laptop for students

MacBook Air is the perfect computer for students because it’s so light and thin a design that it’s almost weightless to carry on. Students are always very on the move and have to transport their computer from home to the school every single day. Often it also takes place at the cafe or in the park with the friends.

When you are a student you want to be free to do anything but also study anywhere. The thin and lightweight MacBook Air is easy to carry with you without having to worry about being near a wall outlet. With up to 12 hours of battery life, you can leave home in the morning and work on your computer all day without necessarily having to be near a power outlet. It gives a lot of freedom to be where you want during the day.

MacBook Air is available in two sizes: 11,6” and 13,3”. The 11 inch model is for you who do not need as much a screen for the needs you have. You may also have a larger screen that you can connect to. An 11 inch MacBook Air is easy to carry with you everywhere, and it’s almost so small that it easily gets away in the bag. However, if you purchase a 13-inch MacBook Air, you get a computer that is a little bigger, but still in the sleek and simple design that the smaller Mac Air is also in – and of course with as much performance and power.

Buy a used MacBook Air 11 ” or 13 ” – and save a lot of money

Are you considering buying a new MacBook Air? If you go by an electronics dealer, you are also guaranteed a prize that does not even suit students – even though most places offer discounts to students. One cannot overlook the fact that a MacBook Air is expensive, especially when you, as a student, have to pay for both rent, food and general enjoyment. So there is not much in profits for a new expensive computer.

However, it is the ultra-thin and elegantly designed MacBook Air you want and therefore the solution could be to buy the computer used. By purchasing your new computer with us, you get a cheap MacBook Air with the same features as a brand new computer – and without having to eat oatmeal for the rest of the month. Our Apple MacBook refurbished concept is just for us to offer our customers exactly the Mac computer they want without necessarily having to invest a lot of money. We collect our computers from both used and new parts, which together provide a computer of as good quality as the brand new ones – we can only sell them cheaper.

The thinnest computer ever – almost

In early 2008, when MacBook Air was pulled out of a hat by Steve Jobs for launch, it was introduced by Apple as “the world’s thinnest laptop” ever. It turned out later that in 1997 and 2000 some laptops were even thinner. However, these were never mass produced and therefore did not come on the market in the same way as MacBook Air.

Although there was little doubt about Air now, it was also the thinnest laptop ever, there was no doubt that the launch of the new MacBook Air was a revolutionary news in 2008. With the launch of MacBook Air, Apple helped move the limit of what a laptop may weigh and thus also how thin it could be – without compromising performance and capacity. The first slim Air model was back in 2008 a computer that certainly was not cheap – it was revolutionary, and the price showed that. Today, however, the price is quite different – yet still a price at the higher end of the scale.

However, MacBook Air has since been obtained relative to the thickness of the MacBook 12”, which was launched back in 2015. This model is even thinner, has more power, but it is also in a higher price range than MacBook Air.