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Kosmos Shield – Protection shield for your iPhone

Kosmos Shield brings you high quality protections shield for your iPhone. With a Kosmos Shield you avoid scratches or scrapes on your screen, as the glass protects your iPhone and acts as the shield of your screen.

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With us you will find a large selection of customized protective glasses for your iPhone. We have protective glass for all iPhone models from iPhone 6 and up to the brand-new iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. The Kosmos Shield acts as armour of your iPhone so you can be sure your screen is protected, so if you drop your phone, it’s not the screen that takes the hit, but your Kosmos Shield.

Perhaps you are wondering if the shield will affect the functionality of your phone? We can assure you that this is not the case. The protective glass surface gives you the same feeling as if you didn’t have it on your screen. With Kosmos Shield you are assured good quality, so your mobile is well be protected against drops, blows, scratches and other scrapes. Find your new protective glass already today.