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Buy used iPhone X, XS or XR

Looking for a used phone? Why not choose the top quality iPhone X, XS or XR, which has a design beyond the ordinary. These phones are wrapped in glass – both front and back – giving it a unique look. At the same time, the phones are resistant to both water and dust, and then allows the phone’s glass backplate wireless charging.

The iPhone X´s are the front runner of a new generation of smartphones. A generation that really takes it wirelessly – and into the future.

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Buy a used iPhone X from us and get the latest technologies that this phone has to offer from 2017. The phone is cheap only because it is used, but this certainly does not mean that it has shortcomings in terms of quality. Our used iPhone 8s are composed of both new and used parts, ie. that the phone itself is used, but that the intake can easily be new.

When we receive the used iPhone X from us, then we reset, clean and clear all phones before we sell them. Defective or worn parts are replaced with new ones, so what you receive is in the best possible condition – considering that it is used. The condition can vary from phone to phone, but of course we make you aware of this in the buying process.

You can get iPhone X with storage capacity of 64 or 256 GB. However, it is not certain that we always have all models in stock, as our selection varies all the time.


iPhone X – new design in glass

The iPhone X out in the fall of 2017 along with the more exclusive iPhone X. The iPhone X is the 11th generation of iPhones, and is therefore the sequel to the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, both released in the fall of the previous year.

The iPhone X’s design is similar to the two previous iPhone models: iPhone 7 and iPhone 6, but some changes have been made. On the release of the iPhone X, Apple has not played with the size of the screen, which is 5.5” for the iPhone X, but they have added another little detail for the phone’s design, which is nevertheless remarkable. The iPhone X has got glass on the back, which is actually a design detail that dates back to the iPhone 4.

At the launch of the iPhone X, there were mixed opinions about the design of this phone. Some thought the changes were too simple and too small for this phone to stand out from the previous iPhone 7. Others also thought the design was outdated and that major changes were needed to impress.


Wireless charging, better camera and larger processes

Although the design of the iPhone X received a slightly mixed reception, Apple has nevertheless made some changes to the phone’s interior. The iPhone X has been upgraded with their A11 Bionic chip, which with its four efficiency cores makes the phone up to 70% faster compared to the previous A10 chip. At the same time, it has two high-performance cores that make the phone up to 25% faster than before.

The iPhone X has also got an upgraded 12 Megapixel camera. This has a larger and faster sensor, a new color filter and deeper pixels. At the same time, it has a built-in sensor that easily stabilizes the image on photographs or videos if you shake your hand a little when the picture is taken.

The best news, however, is that this phone does not need a charger with a cord when it has run out of power. With the latest technology, this phone only needs a charging station, making the iPhone 8 designed for a wireless future. For example, put your phone on one of the set up charging stations at the airport while drinking your coffee, or waiting for the gate to open. With an iPhone X, you never have to remember your charger again.