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Buy used iPad Pro

Do you need an iPad that can do it all – and more? Then it’s definitely the new iPad Pro you have to choose. Apple’s newest member of the iPad family has more power than most laptops, and can therefore be used as an easier and easier option. As Apple writes it on their website, everything is just better on an iPad Pro – including yourself.

Do you need a small and practical ‘computer’ which is not a computer, but a much easier option? So, an iPad Pro is perfect for you. And if you buy it used, you are also sure to get it at a much cheaper price than if you were to buy it as a brand new retailer at an electronics retailer – even without necessarily having a poorer quality.

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The new and larger family member of the iPad family, iPad Pro does not look like much, but actually has more power than most laptops. It is equipped with no less than 6 cores and an A10X Fusion chip with 64-bit architecture that lets you make even the most advanced tasks on the go – and even better than most laptops. At the same time, it actually weighs only about 500g, has a larger screen than the other members of the iPad family, and it still has battery life for a full day. Whether you need to edit an image in Photoshop, rendering a detailed 3D model or editing a 4K video, you can do it easily and fast with iPad Pro. With plenty of power between your hands and the pleasure of using the redesigned Retina display, which is as impressive as looking at it, it’s hardly get any better

Buy a cheap iPad Pro with us and get a used tablet with as much power and performance as the brand new models on the market. Our refurbished iPad Pro is made up of both used and new parts, which together give a tablet of very good quality.

Our range of iPad Pro is limited and our offerings vary according to what we currently have in stock. Therefore, we can not guarantee that we have all sizes in stock at the same time, or you have the option to choose which storage capacity you need.

iPad Pro – stronger than a laptop and with the world’s most advanced screen

iPad Pro was launched for the first time in autumn 2015 with a version of 12.9 inches. Already in spring 2016 it also appeared in a 9.7 inch version. This was the first generation of iPad Pro, and was the first tablet that had LPDDR4 memory. In the summer of 2017, the 2nd generation was announced, where the 9.7-inch model was replaced by a 10.5-inch model. At all sizes, there are three storage capacity: 64 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB, making iPad Pro the first iOS device that offers such a large storage capacity.

iPad Pro is as its name also suggests to the professional and advanced user. Him or her who needs as much capacity and power as a laptop, but can see the benefit of having a tablet rather than a laptop. First of all, it’s easier to bring along on the move, and secondly, it’s an advantage, for example, by graphic artists or others who are creative to have a Multi-Touch display. The Multi-Touch screen makes it possible for the user to get in touch with their work, giving them the opportunity to develop creatively and use their hands in their work.

The redesigned Retina display on iPad Pro sets a whole new standard. Not only is it impressive to look at its higher brightness and less glare, it’s also incredibly easy to use. The new ProMotion technology means that it has better response time, making the experience incredibly smooth and fast. The refresh rate on the screen has also been updated, making your strokes with Apple Pencil reproduced even more accurately and naturally – write, draw or low-mark with a much more precise pixel level than before.

More space and power for work as well as creativity

With a screen that’s almost 20% bigger than the other iPad models, you’ll get an iPad 10.5 inch with even more space to work on. Both models also have a screen size that has made it possible to include a full-size keyboard – yet it is more portable than a laptop.

iPad Pro has incredible performance, stunning display and ultra-fast silent technology as well as battery life for a full day. All this is stuffed into a very slim and compact design that allows you to have it with you everywhere. With a weight of only 453 grams in the version of 10.5″ and a weight of 680 grams of the 12.9″ version, your options are endless.

With over 1 million apps specially designed for the big screen, you also have plenty of opportunity to explore whatever you want. And it’s regardless of whether it’s associated with work or interest. The powerful iPad Pro gives you the ability to work with whatever you want without your tablet feeling blunt. It’s actually faster than ever – can you follow?

Do you want to give your home a makeover, but just want to see what it looks like before throwing yourself into the big project? Give your home a digital makeover with augmented reality. For example, explore the inside of a device without taking it apart or going out with a bunch of dinosaurs. With AR technology on the amazing Retina screen, you will quickly forget about time and place.