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Buy Used iPad Air

This version of Apple’s iPad is a thinner version than the regular iPad we know. You can no longer buy iPad Air from new as Apple took it out of production in the spring of 2017, but when it was on the market it was made in two generations, where the 2nd generation iPad Air – also called iPad Air 2 – was both thinner and faster than its predecessor iPad Air 1.

iPad Air is for you who are looking for a tablet that fills and weighs almost nothing. You can no longer buy the ultra-thin iPad from new, but you can still enjoy it if you buy it used – and then you are also guaranteed a much cheaper price than if you should have bought it from an electronics dealer. We guarantee that our used iPad Air has gone after in detail and meets all standards – otherwise we will probably make you aware of it through the buying process.

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Apple’s iPad Air is much like the regular 9.7″ iPad just in a thinner and lighter version. The 2nd generation iPad Air is only 6.1 mm thick and weighs less than 450 grams. It is therefore so light that you hardly notice it.

An iPad Air is therefore perfect if you need an intermediary between a computer and a phone that you can carry on the go. The air model can fit in any bag or backpack and is easy to take on the journey by train, bus or the like. Use it as your own personal photo album, to FaceTime with friends, to write and check emails, to play music, to keep track of appointments, to notes, to read books on Apple’s built-in app iBooks and much more.

If you want to work with more than one app at the same time, then with the iPad Air 2nd generation you can use the new features ‘Slide Over’, ‘Picture in Picture’ and ‘Split View’. With the Slide Over feature you can, while using one app, slip another app from the side of the screen and have it in a smaller window. Picture in Picture feature allows the user to watch a video in a small, scalable and moving window while using another app. Split View allows the user to split the screen into 2 equal parts and watch 2 apps at once.


Buy your iPad Air used and save a lot of money

Buying a new Apple iPad can be a big item in the budget. Apple isn’t exactly known to sell their products cheaply, but it’s really justified when you consider what product you get. However, an you can no longer buy new iPad Airs, so you will need to invest in a used one if you need your fingers in the thin and lightweight model.

Maybe you are a student and the budget doesn’t exactly rhyme on a whole new model? You want to enjoy the benefits of the thin and lightweight iPad without the screen being as small as it is on the iPad mini. And you also want it cheap.

Buy a cheap iPad Air from us, which is made up of both new and used parts. We have refurbished our refurbished iPad Air by using both new and used parts, so they eventually appear as new.

However, should there be errors and deficiencies, then we will of course make you aware of this in the purchasing process. In the product description under each iPad Air you will find a point called ‘grading’. Here we fill the fields with green depending on how good a condition the iPad Air is in and this will also be reflected in the price.


iPad Air – a thinner and lighter version of the regular iPad

First generation iPad Air was launched in the fall of 2013 as a thinner and lighter version than its predecessor iPad 4 – also known as the 4th generation iPad – released in 2012.

The purpose of making an iPad Air was to be able to get an iPad with as many features as the previous iPads on the market just in a much lighter and thinner version. The 1st generation iPad Air actually looked very much like the iPad mini 2, which came on the market approx. at the same time, but the difference was that with the Air edition you could get the same thin and light design as the mini model had, just with a larger screen.

The iPad Air 2nd generation appeared the following year and was an even thinner and lighter model than its predecessor. This one also had Touch ID.

iPad Air comes with one screen size: 9.7 “”, but with four different sizes of storage capacity: 16, 32, 64 and 128 GB. You can also choose whether you want your iPad Air with WI-FI or whether you want it as a combination of WI-FI + cellular.