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Buy used iPad 9,7’’

Apple’s new 9.7″ iPad 4 is not like a computer or smartphone, but a tablet that fills the gap that exists right between the two. It has enough power to cope with the most basic things you need in everyday life. Use it to check emails on the go, browse the web, watch movies or TV shows and as your own digital photo album.

Buy a used iPad with us and get your new tablet at a much cheaper price than if you buy it directly from your electronics retailer. Our refurbished iPads are composed of both new and used parts, which together provide an iPad of very good quality – only at a cheaper price.

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Apple’s regular iPad is incredibly portable and may not look like much. But it’s incredibly fast and is a perfect tool for the most basic things in everyday life, where you need a bigger screen than it has on your iPhone. Thanks to 64-bit architecture, a four-core design and over 3.3 billion transistors, you have an iPad you can use for everything you want, for example, to play the most graphic-like games, explore the latest augmented reality apps, or to edit big 4K videos – just without fear of running out of power. Apple iPad is powerful and efficient and has both power for what you do today and what you do tomorrow – even when using multiple apps at the same time.

Buy a cheap iPad with us and you will receive a tablet that is used but can easily measure up with the brand new models on the market. Our reconditioned iPad is made up of both new and used parts, which together provide an iPad of very good quality – only at a much cheaper price than the new ones on the market. Our range of used tablets is limited, and our offerings vary according to the models we currently have in stock.

Apple iPad – an intermediate between an iPhone and a MacBook

Apple’s common product line of iPads was launched in 2010. The idea of ​​the new tablet computer was, according to Apple, to develop a handheld computer that was supposed to fill the gap that they thought existed between a laptop and a smartphone. It should therefore cover the needs that went beyond a smartphone (their iPhone) but nevertheless did not cover so much that it would replace the laptop.

An iPad is therefore designed to be able to do all the things a smartphone and a laptop can. The difference is just that you use a particular Multi-Touch technology on an iPad to go on the web, access emails, listen to music, watch video, play games or anything else that you usually use only your iPhone or laptop. Here you come in direct contact with what you are doing – with your hands and fingers. Pinch, push or spread your fingers and you will instantly see what effect it has on your screen. Move around with apps and choose which ones you want to use now and later – it’s all done with your hands.

An iPad is designed to multitask. It has enough power for you to play music, do research online, and work on your study assignment – while talking to your peers over FaceTime. It sounds too good to be true, but iPad is actually designed to be able to use multiple apps at once, so you can get more done at a time – on a screen that’s big enough to compete with a laptop. This is just more portable.


Apps designed to be used on an iPad only

An iPad is an incredibly versatile tool for the most basic things in your everyday life, such as browsing the web, mails, music and images. But it can also be used for much more than that. It’s both your camera, your notepad and everything in between.

Take amazing photos and edit them directly on your tablet. Take notes with the built-in keyboard or use your Apple Pencil to drop your thoughts straight down as you wrote on paper. Apple Pencil has an incredible response time and a pixel-perfect precision that makes it comparable to a regular pencil. You can therefore take notes when you are at a lecture or you can make underscores, highlights or other relevant ones, for example, when reading homework.

On your iPad, you’ll find all the apps you know from your iPhone, but there are actually 1.3 million apps that are only developed for your iPad. You can therefore find an app for anything you want to do – photograph, draw, play games or do other work – without having to work in an enlarged app originally designed for iPhone.


Four generations of iPad plus two extra

Since the launch of Apple’s tablet computer tablet, their 1st generation iPad in 2010, three more generations have been on the market: iPad 2, iPad (3rd generation) and iPad (4 generation). iPad 4 – also called iPad with Retina Display – was released in fall 2012.

Subsequently two new models have been released: a 2017 edition and a 2018 edition. The 2018 edition is the latest in the market and is available in three different colors: silver, space gray and gold and comes with either 32GB or 128GB of storage space. Likewise, you can choose whether you want your iPad only with a WI-FI connection or it should also have access to a cellular connection so you can use it when there is no wireless network connection present.