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Used iPads for sale

Do you need a small computer that can fill the gap that exists between your smartphone and your laptop. A smart electronic device with a screen that does not fill up so much space, but still larger than your smartphone. Then it’s an iPad you have to go for.

Apple’s bid on a tablet is their iPad, which is described as being a computer, but which is not yet a computer. It’s strong, can handle all tasks, and it’s easy to bring with you anywhere. It’s actually so intuitive that you can use it just the way you want – with touch screen like on a smartphone or with a keyboard like on a laptop.

Buy a used iPad from us and get it at a much cheaper price than if you buy the brand new from an electronics retailer. We have a selection of the usual iPads as well as iPad Air, iPad Pro and iPad mini. Our refurbished iPads are composed of both new and used parts, which together provide a very good quality – we can only sell them cheaper than the electronics dealers.

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iPad 9,7 ” – for the regular user

If you need an iPad for the most basic things in everyday life – the things where an iPhone becomes too small and a laptop gets too big – Apple’s usual iPad 9.7 “is the obvious choice. Over time, the popular tablet has evolved, so today it has actually been 4 generations on the market.

iPad 1 – called 1st Generation – came on the market for the first time back in April 2010 and the idea behind this model was to develop a handheld computer that was supposed to fill the gap that existed between a laptop and a smartphone. Later, both 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation have come, the last two of which were equipped with a Retina display, which is a very high resolution screen. And it’s precisely because of this screen that this iPad is also often called for iPad Retina.

iPad Pro – for the professional user

Do you need a tablet that can be the same as a laptop – and maybe even more? Then it’s definitely Apple’s newest member of the iPad family, iPad Pro that you’ll choose. Pro actually has more power than most laptops – and yes, it’s even more portable than a laptop. Use it as an even easier alternative to your computer. Pro is available in two models: 10.5 ” and 12.9 ”, which makes the screen easy to measure with a MacBook.

iPad Pro is for the highly professional user who not only needs a tablet to go online with or to read mails. No, this is for you who would like to use programs like PhotoShop or inDesign, who would like to rename 3D models and edit 4K videos. iPad Pro is equipped with 6 kernels and a 64-bit A10X Fusion chip that allows the most advanced applications as you know them from the heaviest and most powerful computers.