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Make up with the “buy and throw away” the culture

The process of producing electronics itself has a great impact on the environment, because the production uses large amounts of energy, various raw materials and several chemicals. The burden of the environment is being increased because we today live in a ‘use and throw away’ society. We are constantly being greeted by new trends in the market that we just have to own and even though we own a product that only has a few years left, the product is already ‘old’ because newer models have already been introduced.

The major replacement of electronics especially has an enormous impact on the environment and helps create problems throughout the supply chain. Should new products constantly be produced, new raw materials must also be extracted to produce the products. This process pollutes a lot and therefore contributes to a strain on the environment.

Often, electronics are replaced with new ones, even though the old one is not defective. It is this trend that can adversely affect the environment because it constantly produces new products while older products are constantly being scrapped – often ones that does not have to be thrown out.

With Apple, you get less stress on the environment, but a big impact on your life

Apple agrees that their products may have an impact on the environment – even if their products are no longer used. Their iPad mini is, among other things, a very good example of what they have done to reduce the impact of the environment. Mini is delivered with a recyclable aluminum cabinet, and it is also PVC-free and contains no brominated flame retardants (BFR).

But you can actually help reduce the impact on the environment even more.

If you purchase a refurbished Apple product from Kosmos ReNew, you help to recycle what does not yet need to be discarded. Our refurbished iMacs, MacBooks, iPads and iPhones from Apple are made up of both used and new parts, which guarantees your product still meets the same standards as the new products on the market – they are only sold at a cheaper price.

If you buy your Apple product, it not only brings environmental benefits, because you contribute to exploiting the existing resources of the world, but it also brings economic benefits to you.

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