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Refurbished Apple - As good as NEW
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Kosmos ReNew

Do you also love the feeling of opening the box with your new Apple equipment? But you might also think that it costs a lot of money? With Kosmos ReNew we give you this feeling, but at a fraction of the price.
Kosmos ReNew is our new consumer concept at Kosmos Technology and what offer you is refurbished Apple equipment that works just as new but at a fraction of the cost of brand-new Apple equipment.

The advantages of this is that:

  • You get Apple equipment that is as good as new
  • You get it at favorable prices
  • It is packaged in custom-made packaging
  • You get 2 years warranty
  • It is environmentally friendly as we recycle and not just throw out


How ReNew?

With Kosmos ReNew we buy lots of used Apple equipment home and refurbish it.

When it arrives here, we make a quality check on the equipment and we test it to see what condition it is in. The machines that do not work, but have components that does, are used as spare parts in the machines, which has only a few shortcomings. In this way, we will recycle as much as possible, and very little will be scrapped. What is being scrapped will be done according to all the rules for electronic waste – you can read more about e-waste here. The equipment is configured and then it is as good as new and ready for use. Before it is put up for sale, cosmetic grading of the products will be done. This means that we ascertain which cosmetic condition the products are in, if there are scratches and bumps on the products, they get a poorer grading and a lower sales price than if there is nothing to put a finger on – Read more about our gradings here. Once all this is done, the products are cleaned and packaged in our custom-made Kosmos ReNew packaging and are now ready to be shipped to you.

New equipment may occur

We may have new equipment in stock, as we sometimes get access to remaining stock of different Apple devices at very favorable prices. This will benefit you as it will be put on sale at our webshop at prices that are just as great. These products will be labeled with a Platinum grading – Read more about our gradings here.


What does refurbished mean?

Refurbished simply means ‘renovated’ or ‘recreated’ and should not be confused with recycling, though several of the parts of a refurbished computer, tablet or phone can easily be recycled.

You call it refurbished when you have a product that is assembled by used parts. That is, the actual computer, phone or tablet as a whole is not used, but the individual components of it can easily be recycled. A refurbished iMac, MacBook, iPad, or iPhone may work fine and have a quality in line with a brand-new product, but they will never have the same value as a product that comes directly from the factory. For this reason, you can easily sell the product cheaper than the brand new products.

When talking about products, such as the iMac, MacBook, iPhone or iPad, you can get them in three different types: brand new, preowned and refurbished:

  • The definition of a brand new product is that there is no one other than the buyer who has touched the product since leaving the factory. Typically, the product will also be sealed in a new box and wrapped in plastic.
  • A pre-owned product has had another owner before the buyer, and here we can talk about recycling.
  • A refurbished product is collected from used parts from defective devices as well as other new parts to make a product that is similar to a factory brand.


Even though used parts are used to assemble a refurbished device, the product as a whole has not had another owner, and therefore refurbished dealers can refuse to have been preowned.


Refurbishing is good for the environment

As a starting point, it is good for the environment to reuse the individual parts of defective electronics, so the environment will not be charged further when the defective parts are to be scrapped. At the same time, you also reduce the need to produce new devices and their individual components when reusing what has already been produced.

In fact, studies show that, for example, a computer that has already been used for 3 years, but which is further used for 3 years, has an environmental saving of 69 kg of carbon dioxide. When producing a computer, considerable amounts of energy, raw materials and chemicals are used, which have a significant impact on the environment. If you buy a used computer, it not only gives you quality and economical benefits, but also environmental because you help to exploit the resources of the planet.

The companies include one of the very great sinners in this calculation. A lot of laptops used by businesses are being destroyed after just a few years of use. They will not be replaced because they are defective, but because new items have been placed on the market. Instead of scratching the computer, they can be reused instead. Some may need to be cleaned and others need replacing some components to make them look new. But all in all, it helps the environment to reuse the computers instead of sending them to scrap.

Even though the product seems as good as a product that comes right from the factory, it is statutory to make the consumer aware that the product they are buying is refurbished.

Even though used parts are used to assemble a refurbished device, the product as a whole has not had another owner, and therefore refurbished dealers can refuse to have been preowned.


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