Kosmos Crew

The Crew

The crew at Kosmos comprises of people handling accounts, sales, purchasing, logistics, warehouse, technicians etc.

We cover many nationalities apart from Danish, as our colleagues come from Latvia, Slovakia, Panama, Tunisia, Bosnia, Iran and New Zealand.

Because of this mix of nationalities, we can reach you in many languages: English, Russian, Slovak, German, Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin), Arabic, French, Bosnian and of course Danish.

Many of our employees have been with us for more than 5 years, so we know each other very well, which is a strength in our daily operation.

Dennis Isak-Nielsen

President & Chief Executive

E-mail: dni@kosmostec.com

Malene N. Christensen

Sales Manager
Global Key Accounts
E-mail: mnc@kosmostec.com

Samuel Fulop

Area Sales Manager
Central & Eastern Europe
E-mail: sfu@kosmostec.com

Anna Millionova

Area Manager
Russia, Poland, Baltics and CIS countries
E-mail: ami@kosmostec.com

Susett Ararúz Pedersen

Area Manager
Spain & Latin America
E-mail: sap@kosmostec.com

Lasse Axø Jensen

Sales Manager
Global Key Accounts
E-mail: laj@kosmostec.com

Paola Cianfarani Ilsøe

Business Development Manager
Global Key Accounts
E-mail: pci@kosmostec.com

Ahmed Ben Said

Warehouse & Logistics Manager

E-mail: abs@kosmostec.com

David Hayat

Warehouse & Hardware Technician

E-mail: logistics@kosmostec.com

Emil Christensen

Warehouse Assistant

Pia Heidemann

Administration & Finance
E-mail: accounts@kosmostec.com

Heidi Toft Enderslev

Administration & Finance

E-mail: accounts@kosmostec.com

Mette Isak-Nielsen

Back-office Coordinator/WEB shop
Kosmos Renew
E-mail: mni@kosmostec.com

Daniel Nørgaard

Technician & Sales
Kosmos Renew
E-mail: dan@kosmosrenew.com

Samir Kozarcanin

Sales Manager / Store manager
Kosmos Renew
E-mail: sko@kosmosrenew.com
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