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The most popular and purchased smartphone in Denmark is the recognizable Apple icon. In spite of price, we love the design on Apple’s version of the smartphone: iPhone, and we’re happy to replace the old one as soon as a new one comes on the market. This results in many used phones in drawers and cabinets in the Danes home. Often, the phones that work quite well, but are being thrown away in favor of the latest model on the market.

At Kosmos Technology, we would like to quit the “buy and throw away” culture in Denmark, where we throw away electronics every day that are not broken. We can therefore offer you to buy cheap iPhones, which are of course used, but we have put them in place and possibly replaced some parts with new ones, so the phone itself seems as good as a new one.

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For the past 10 years, we have had the pleasure of Apple’s version of the smartphone – an iPhone – and certainly no sign suggests that this will change in the near future. The Danes love the iPhone and would like to replace their old model with a new one as soon as it comes to the market – regardless of whether the old one is broken or not.

This results in a huge overuse of electronics, which in no way need to be thrown out. We have therefore decided at Kosmos Technology to make up with this culture and buy the used iPhones to sell them on. We naturally renovate all used phones as well as replacement of worn out or broken parts with new ones. Looking for an iPhone 6, 7 or maybe an 8’s, and want to buy your new iPhone cheaply, you’re definitely in the right place.


A wide selection of different used iPhones for sale

At Kosmos Technology, we have a large selection of cheap used iPhones for sale. We sell both newer models on the market, but also have many older models in stock, such as iPhone 6S / 6S Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 8/8 Plus.

The used iphones we have for sale are fully functional, although they have previously been used by someone else. Our concept is that the phones we sell are refurbished, which means they are made up of both used and new parts. The phone itself is used, but some of the input on the phone can easily be new, so the phone will still be as functional as a brand new phone.

The cosmetic condition of the product depends on how much the phone has been used and how worn it has been. We will of course make you aware of the purchase process if there are clear wear marks on the phone and this will also reflect in the price of the phone.

Buy a used iPhone with us, and you’re sure to get a phone of the highest quality. We make sure to refurbish the used phone before it comes into your hands – it is your guarantee that the phone is sold without visible errors or damage and in a fully functional quality.


Avoid expensive subscription solutions with a refurbished iPhone

When you buy a new phone, you often rely on an expensive subscription with a telecom company, which ultimately will cost you more than what the phone is worth.

This trap you avoid buying a used iPhone because you do not have to bind yourself to the (often) expensive subscription agreement in connection with the purchase. With us, you only buy the phone – you have to purchase the mobile subscription elsewhere. Not only is it a cheaper solution to buy a used iPhone rather than a new one, so you’ll also save money by not tying yourself into an expensive subscription agreement.


Apple iPhone – news in 2007

Apple’s version of smartphone, iPhone was presented for the first time in 2007 and was called iPhone 2G – also called ‘original iPhone’. However, this could not be bought in Denmark. The year after 2008, for the first time, you could buy iPhone in Denmark and this edition was called iPhone 3G. The year after, iPhone 3GS and the year after came again iPhone 4. Since then, Apple has launched a new iPhone every year – most recently iPhone XS, XR and X MAX in 2018.

All versions of iPhone run with Apple’s own operating system iOS, which is also regularly updated (one major update per year). As new updates come every single year, the older iPhones are excluded from the update, which of course should be aware when buying a new iPhone.

By default, all versions of iPhone have a camera, music player, email service, text message, web browser, and wireless Internet and Bluetooth connections. At the same time, you can also download applications in Apple’s App Store App Store on all phones. There you will find both free apps, but also apps you have to pay for. The idea is that you can build your phone by programs that suit your individual style and what you need.

All iPhone versions can be purchased with different storage capacity. The original iPhone 2G was available in three different sizes: 4 GB, 8 GB and 16 GB. The latest phones today, you can get up to 512 GB of storage capacity.