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Buy used iMac

An iMac is Apple’s answer to a desktop computer. However, it differs from ordinary desktop computers, because it does not need to be added to an external screen because the screen and the computer are already built together. Apple’s iMac computers are available in a standard version, but can also be purchased in a Pro Model, which is aimed at the slightly more professional user.

Looking for a good used iMac, you might consider purchasing a refurbished computer that is composed of both new and used parts, ie. that the computer itself is used, but different parts can easily be new. Looking for a cheap iMac, you have come to the right place.

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Buy your new iMac used and save a lot of money. We buy used iMac computers and clean, reset and make them ready for use again. And, with the defective or worn out parts, we replace them with new ones, so you get a used computer in as good a condition as possible. Our mission is to re-use the iMac computers – without compromising on quality. We want to give people the opportunity to buy a computer for cheap money without necessarily having to be a worn computer with too many shortcomings.

Many iMac computers are being used in offices in several companies. The iMac computers that the employees have will probably be used for about 2-3 years before they are replaced with new ones. Companies are changing their hardware with new ones, ensuring that their electronics are not obsolete, as there is often a lot of information on the computers that should not be lost. This does not typically mean that the scrapped computers are in any way defective, but that they have only been used for a couple of years. We then take the computers and refurbish them as well as replace worn or defective parts with new ones, so the used iMacs will appear as new again.

iMac – a desktop computer in a stylish and simple design

The iMac computer was launched by Apple in August 1998. The first iMac G3 was egg-shaped and consisted of a colored and transparent cabinet as well as a picture tube display. The computer was available in a blue / white color, but later the selection was expanded with 13 other colors.

However, iMac has changed its appearance since the first in 1998. The first major step was design in 2002, when the cabinet became smaller and pressed into a hemispherical foot from which a movable LCD screen was attached. However, two years later, the design changed again and this time to the design that we probably connect most with the iMac computer today. Here the computer’s main parts are located behind the screen and the screen itself can be tilted up and down on a metal foot.

Apple says that the idea behind the iMac is to create an experience that draws the user in and keeps them there. The latest iMac includes packed with the latest processes and the best technologies in graphics, all of which are alive on the clearest and most colorful Retina display to date. The IMac is available with either a 21.5 “screen or a 27” screen. Buy your new iMac inexpensive at Kosmos Technology and get a Kosmos ReNew computer that works just as well as the brand new products on the market.